What is an overuse injury?

Overuse injuries include a myriad of different injuries that can occur when somebody stresses a ligament, tendon or a joint too much – that is the overuse part of the overuse injuries, when you’re overloading a particular area too often without letting that part of the body recover.

Overuse injuries can result in fractures in bones, injuries in tendons, and muscle tears in many cases. We have ways to effectively evaluate, diagnose, and treat all of these injuries. Ultrasound has been an amazing tool we utilize as an extension of our physical exam to help accurately diagnose injuries in real time. This allows us to quickly develop a treatment plan to get a patient back to activity without having to wait for other imaging.

One of the most essential aspects of treating overuse injuries is counseling patients on how the injury occurred and ensuring they are clear on how to prevent the injury from happening again once they recover.

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