The Future of Sports Medicine

Regenerative medicine therapies have been utilized to improve a number of different pathologies in various fields of medicine for a number of years. More recently, we have started to use these therapies for musculoskeletal issues and sports related injuries. We employ regenerative medicine therapies primarily for muscle tears, tendinopathies and arthritis. We have found that these therapies improve healing times, and in many cases improve the strength of healing tissues.

The most popular regenerative medicine therapies currently available are platelet-rich plasma (PRP) (a blood-based therapy), bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BAC), (a cell based therapy), and adipose/fat derived stem cell therapy (a cell based therapy) products.

This is a very exciting, although young, field of medicine we are embarking on. A number of studies have been done on different regenerative medicine therapies and there are many studies currently ongoing with the goal of determining the perfect regenerative medicine therapy indications for different types of pathologies. The most important aspect of these therapies is we making sure no patients are being harmed with the application of them for musculoskeletal and sports related injuries.

Significantly more research is needed to determine the best indications are for each therapy, and to determine how exactly each therapy functions. Regardless, we have found these therapies improve function in a significant number of patients and are quite safe for common musculoskeletal pathologies

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