Providing Evidence Based Regenerative Medicine

One of the most important aspects of providing regenerative medicine therapies is having a very honest conversation with the patients about the likelihood the therapy is going to improve their whatever condition. We’ve seen that regenerative medicine therapies have the ability to significantly improve pain and function in a lot of different ailments– but there are some conditions that research has not shown significant benefit for.

There are also some patients that do not respond well to these therapies for reasons we do not yet understand fully. These honest and frank conversations truly allow the patient to make the best decisions about their care, particularly as many of these therapies are not generally covered by insurance and can be a significant out of pocket expense to the patient.

There is still a significant amount of research that needs to be done in this area of medicine to identify exactly what conditions benefit the most from each regenerative medicine therapy. What research has shown us is that in the right hands and for the correct conditions none of these therapies have been shown to cause any harm, and could potentially provide great benefit to the correct patient.

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