Non-Surgical Approach to Sports Medicine

The overwhelming majority of injuries can be treated non-surgically. These injuries involve muscles, tendons and ligaments – and we can oftentimes get these better with non-surgical options. There have been many technological advancements in our understanding of body mechanics that allow us to often time employ non-surgical treatment options to improve patient outcomes and get you back doing the things you love to do, which is the goal.

My personal goal as a non-surgical physician is to only send you to surgery if you absolutely need it. I’m here to make sure we exhaust every possible option to improve whatever ailment you have before having you go under the knife. The overwhelming majority of patients that I see do not require surgery because we have such a great number of non-surgical treatment options.

It’s been an increasingly advancing field of non-surgical medicine. We’ve been able to do a lot of things particularly with the use of ultrasound that has allowed us to diagnose things more easily and more accurately. We work very closely with the orthopedic surgeons and physical therapist. Once we exhaust all non-surgical treatment options, we feel much more comfortable sending a patient to an orthopedic surgeon and there is significantly less guessing with the diagnosis.

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